Need help on Rage 128 AiW


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Hi there!

I got a problem with my Rage 128 non-pro AiW.

I'm failing to install the card using Win98SE...

The card definitely works, I successfully installed it running WinXP Home SP2 and using the latest drivers from the Ati page.

My system:

Asus P3B-F
Adaptec A2940U
Creative DXR3 mpg2 decoder card
10/100MBit Realtek
2x Gainward Dragon 3000 @ SLI
Vibra 16 ISA

+Rage 128 AiW AGP

Win98SE is freshly installed, followed by chipset drivers, DX 8.1 and finally the WMER1284137192.exe driver from the Ati page. After the restart, the card seems to work, the tuner components etc are installed, but after ~10sec the screen (19'' CRT) turns black. The System doesen't hang, it shuts down in a few seconds, if I press the power button.
Same thing after the next restart.
If I start in safe mode, I can see that all components of the card are installed correctly.

Is it possible that the drivers apply the pro-version clockrates? Or that the refreshrates are uncontrolled high?

The CRT is able to show 1280x1024@100Hz.

I have no idea left what to do :( :cry:
Drivers dont set the clock speed, so you can rule that out.
Try using an older driver.
Visit my site if you cant find full drivers for your card.
See if it works outs.
Hmm, I can't find full drivers for the 128 AiW on your site :(
I'd be happy if someone had the original drivers from the Installation CD for me...
C'mon guys - can't anyone help? I'm really despaired :(
Doesn't someone have an original installation disk for the card? Or can you give me a link to another board where I maybe could get help?
I supply the bare driver files on my site. You will need to add them to an existing driver and then install.