Need help choosing low budget Gfx card

Evil Nemesis

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Hi, I just sold my Sapphire RX 560 4GB graphic card and now I have tight budget and left with the following options:
HD 7770 1gb

GTS 450
Quadro 2000
GT 710
FX 3800
gt610 2gb

I have to decide today and by seeing reviews and benchmarks I think HD7770 wins but I'm worried as it's 1gb it may lag in Train Sim world 2020 even on low settings? I don't plan on playing games on high end settings but atleast on 1080p. No new games though.

Any guidance will be appreciated thanks.
I'd say the 7770 is the fastest. While the 1GB may bottleneck some apps (check to see what the min spec is) the rest are less powerful so even the ones with 2GB would be bottle necked in more games or just have lower frames.

That said I thought train sims were more CPU bound (like flight sims) than other games.

There are 2GB versions, if you can find them that MAY help a little. But don't break the bank. Looks like some sellers want to double the price.

Train sim world is saying R9 270 min (so you may have to have a 2GB card ... and the 270 is significantly faster ... so if you can get it to run it may be painful.)
Yeah, Thanks got 7770 HD, My budget was around 35 USD. and I got it in around 33 USD. Yup Cricket 19 and train sim world are lagging even on 720p. Thanks all for your replies. I guess I will someday earn a new one by working hard.