Need Driver Help on ATI Mobility 128 M3 (2X AGP)



I'm looking for a driver for my ATI Mobility 128 M3 16MB (2X AGP). Before you say "Good grief, that's old and worthless! Upgrade already!" listen for a second. I'm not trying to run Quake 4 and I don't expect miracles...

A family member has been wanting a laptop for Christmas. I'm pretty broke, but I found this one for $50. It's a pristine Compaq Presario 1800T. The specs are passable for XP (700MHz P3, 192MB RAM, 15GB hd) and I've even tweaked and spruced it up a bit (warning, BIG screenshot). It has wireless, over two hour battery life, and simply looks new. Leather bag, DVD, and big bright 15" 32-bit color display running at 1400 x 1050!

The last thing I wanted to do was put a couple pretty Vista-themed OpenGL screensavers on. That's where the trouble began. This unit only shipped with WindowsME, so Compaq has no XP video drivers. They have Win2k OpenGL drivers, but it won't install- 'These drivers are not licensed for XP, yadda yadda.' Pretty much every link on Big Z's website is dead (yes, I tried to do my homework before posting!) and Google doesn't turn up anything that works. I've downloaded a few dozen drivers, but most say they can't install, and/or turn out to be for the Pro or 4X AGP version...

I'm currently using an autodetected 6/6/2001 driver from Microsoft, but of course there's no 3D acceleration there. Has anyone hacked together a Windows2k driver for XP? Any advice on how to force a true ATI driver onto this thing? Some lame, cruddy ICD I can patch on? I'm not looking for gaming benchmarks, just capability.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long first post!