Need advice on movie projector & screen


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Can anyone recommend a decent movie projector and a screen to go with it? My requirements are as follows:

- Full HD with HDMI input

- if you can confirm it would have no issues playing streamed FullHD content over wifi (the router is behind the wall where the screen would be), then it maybe would be nice to also have this sort of feature

- will be used on the terrace of my house, see the below picture. 2 possible locations, as in the pic. I don't know the first thing about projecting distance or angles, so will take any advice here

- how to get sound out? I have a pair of Sony SRS-XB10W bluetooth speakers which can put out a decent punch for their size, so I might be looking into a way to play the sound through them. In which case it would be nice for the projector to have a feature with which you can A) stream sound to bluetooth devices, and B) adjust the piccture/sound sync seeing as theres a delay of cca 0.5-1s in all bluetooth streaming which would bother me, most likely. Really not sure how to tackle the sound setup at this point, will take any good advice

- screen needs to be hinged on the wall, with roll-in capability. The wall is cca 7 feet wide (220cm)

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: The table location has an actual distance of 350cm (11.5 feet), my bad for putting the wrong numbers on the pic! :)

If you use the speaker near the projector and then use an analog input (3.5mm stereo for example), there will be no issues with sound.

I do not have a recommendation for the projector, but as a good surface to project on outside,
I would recommend "blocker" material on which the white side is very white and matte.
So that would be ideal and then you can roll it up when it rains.

Do you expect to leave the projector outside? Cause bugs and spider webs and humidity...