Need a 200 mm case fan


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I have the Corsair 650D case and the front fan (which is 200 mm x 20 mm) has stopped working. Any recommendations on a fan with the same dimensions? I don't want a LED/RGB fan. I've read that the case can support 200 mm x 30 mm (which is the more common dimension) but will need to be modded in some way to support it. Any idea what mods they are talking about? Is it just removing the HDD cage or something?
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How are the Noctua 200 mm x 30 mm fans? I'll just have to remove the HDD cages from the front and the fan should fit, right?
It's kind of an unusual size, so probably not many have much feedback to offer. Phanteks is a legitimate brand so it seems like as good a choice as any.
Thanks for the reply.

The Phanteks I ordered from Amazon UAE was out of stock and estimated delivery was in February. I cancelled the order and ordered the BitFenix Spectre Pro 200mm from Newegg.