NE1 using a Gametheater XP in W2K??

Not the greatest - the ones that come on the CD are pretty basic, I didn't stick with them too long as I got hold of the Beta version 2 drivers. The V1 drivers wouldn't let me play CD/MP3 through all 4 speakers, V2 do which is why I stick with them.

These give the same interface as Win9x and the functionality was fine/perfect until I did a complete reinstall of W2K last weekend. Now, the control panel applet is a little unstable when using/changing settings, and there's a smonitor.exe that monitors for when you plug headphones in and automatically turns off the speakers - this now Dr Watsons within 2 minutes of booting into Windows so when using headphones you have to manually turn down speaker volume. These seem to be the standard complaints for the V2 so I was just lucky before my reinstall :(

As far as games go, Quake seems the same as Win9x, UT isn't as good (seems to flick between giving full surround and stereo through 4 speakers and using the hardware accel. option cuts out some sounds completely), Serious Sam I have to play in DirectSound (which sounds pretty good) as the EAX option is too quiet and gives a very echo-y sound. Can't speak for other games as that's all the W2K gaming I do, everything else is in WinME. as GT2k says.

Only things to be aware of with these drivers:-

If you've already got V1 installed, the uninstall utility doesn't, so I had to manually clean things up (but hey, we're Radeon users so we're used to that :) )

The beta install package is missing a midi synth bank, CWCDLS8.CLS. I copied the one off the CD to the install location.

Also, the inf file has two sections that refer to help files - all the foreign ones aren't there so will need to be deleted or commented out. The only help file in the install package is ENG.HLP.