My system(what do I need to upgrade?)


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Okay guys here's my system all suggestions appreciated.
Aopen Ak33 Motherboard
Amd 1.1ghz athlon
Toshiba 6x Dvd Player
Phillips Cd-Rw
sound blaster live platinum
klipsch promedia 4.1
224mb pc100 ram
Elsa Gladiac Ultra
Gateway ev910 19'monitor.
Blue Translucent plastic case.

Before anyone bashes my poor cooling case I do not overclock anything so this is not currently an issue.
ditch that crappy geforce and get a radeon. unless you only care about frame rates and you are willing to let games look like crap, a radeon will give you plenty good speed, better DX8 support, and it will look so much better. that's what i would do if i had that system anyway. and if you're not, run windows 2000 or XP, the 9x kernel sucks :D
I acutally did own a radeon at one time. 64mb vivo. I had a bear of a time with it though. yeah, the 2d was insanely awesome and great dvd. Only problem my framerates were really low, I mean unplayably low. My voodoo 3 3000 was faster. I'm sure with some tweaking and if I could've actually gotten the beta drivers to work, it would've been good. But despite what some may think, I am a computer moron. I couldn't get that thing to go to save my life. Thanks for the input though, I'm glad somebody finally responded. I just got the sony e400 so Im thinking of pc 133 ram next.
is your processer 133 FSB? or 100? if it's only 100, then pc133 ram is useless, (unless you overclock) but it's the same price as pc100 most places, and it's nice to have if you upgrade, although i imagine by the time you upgrade a 1.1 ghz chip, SDRAM will be obsolete :D
I'm not saying the v3 should've been faster, from all benchmarks I can tell radeon is a solid card. all I'm saying, beta drivers refused to work. couldn't hit higher than 50 fps in q3 and that would be staring at a wall or something. So after the beta drivers refused to work and tweaking wasn't going well at all, I wasn't left with alot of options. I can't complain though. I love my gladiac now. I may consider radeon 2 in the future but they seriously need to get their drivers in order. The official ones were the worst performing drivers I've ever seen.