My humble specs...


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Pentium III 733 @ just over 850(with a simple gorb)
Enlight 300watt ATX midtower
- With a oval shape acrlyic, plexiglass window cut out on the side and a 15 inch blue neon inside.
Asus CUSL2 mobo
ATi ALL-in-Wonder Raedon (clocked just under 200 and 190)
Sb live! 5.1 gamer
Cambridge soundworks dts 2200 5.1 Speakers
256 pc133 running at 150
45 gig IBM 7200 ata100
17 inch KDI
56k modem
3com 10/100 NIC (my connection is a dual 100 t3 :-p -- college)
Logitech Ifeel Optical Mouse
Logitech Internet Keyboard
TDK 16x-10x-40x CD-rw
Creative Labs 12x DVD-Rom
Hollywood+ Creative labs Dxr3 decoder card