My garage is changing

Oh hey look an update!
Car is in winter mode now:
Going from the OEM 215/40/18 to winter 205/55/16



You gotta remove the charlesglen dealership sticker/decal man

haha yeah i need to remove that decal...and change the plate surround too.
Was supposed to at least change the plate surround on our X1 (its metal) and the plate bolts are rusting and running rusty water down the plate lol.

All the times with a new car i say im gonna take real good care of a lazy bastard and dont have any desire to take care of it outside of a ghetto wash and vaccuum lol.

Plus winter is coming so i dont want to be hanging out in the garage now.

Next year however, i want to get a power polisher so i can take care of some small scratches myself, and then really take some care in keeping the cars in tip-top (this'll be the nth time i said this lol)