My garage has changed... again


bout to lose my job TODAY
Got tired of blue and went to black... just a simple color change




Much better :up: I love that look, and the blue…the blue didn’t have it.
Looks very nice. However, keeping a black car clean in the desert is such a bitch. Never again.

White and black will look good as well. Did you pay something or did you pocket a difference because market is stupid right now in the US?
You can always pay someone to clean your car like you always do :lol:

I paid, there's quite a price difference between the cars. Black one sold at nearly 80k brand new vs the blue one at high 30s. 250hp vs 440hp.
The blue wasn't an M series so that's expected.

How much did you pay for the M4? What year, miles, package etc, If you don't care to say.