My Dream System 1995


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My dream system was always a laptop. I loved the different technologies involved. My first dream system was;

a pentium 75 notebook
4megs of ram
512k trident video card
200mg hd
12" panel
full size keyboard
8 bit sounblaster comp.
lastly a serial port for a mouse
My Dream Desktop System 1995: (The 3rd system I purchased)

-Intel P100 CPU
-32 MB RAM
-1 MB Hercules Stingray 64 2D accelerator
-15" monitor
-1 GB HD

My Dream Desktop System 1999:
(It's a Dell Dimension XPS T550, by the way)

-Intel P3-550e CPU
-128 MB PC-100 SDRAM
-32 MB Diamond Viper V770 TNT2 video card
-19" Trinitron monitor
-20.4 GB HD
My first system was a 8086 , two 5.25 FD, one external, no hard disk, 512 kb of ram ,I think it was upgraded :), IBM-DOS 2.somewhat, and I used to play with lotus.

I don't remember the date but I think in 1995 I had a 486sx 30Mhz. I dreamt a pentium 75.

Then came out the Pentium 200, and I was told that was so fast that it was impossible to run it with progs of that period. Haha, now that at work a Pentium 800 with SQL Server and Active Directory suffers!!!.

Ciao ciao...