My Big CHEAP Display (You leets should ignore this)


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OK, this may get me banned (or at least ridiculed), but....

gave my old 32" BenQ to my son and got a Hisense 43A6H to use as my monitor. Rtings gave it a 8.1 which is just below their choice of 43" tvs to use as a monitor, the Sony 43X80J, which they gave an 8.2; the problem is the Sony is $499 and I picked up the Hisense the other week at Best Buy for $229. Hard to go wrong at that price, if I really don't like it it can always be a spare TV.

Set it up last night on a tilt/swivel vesa stand I had laying around. The screen real estate is incredible and colors are bright. Haven't tried any gaming, but I rarely do any "shooter" type games. Text looks good.

The disclaimer to all this is my eyesight is not good, it downright sucks (legally blind in one eye, only correct to 20/50 in other). So I'm guessing most folks could point out a million things wrong at first glance. But it looks good to me :D

But 43" is damn incredible. I can actually sit back in my chair and still read the screen. I even turned down the windows scaling, which defaulted to 300%!!!

I game on a 48" Vizio TV. I'll probably be upgrading sometime soon. I've been eyeballing the new Hisense U8H (55"). It finally just released in the US. A smidge over $1000 at Amazon. I'm probably going to wait to see what RTINGS says about it.
As long as the refresh works for the types of games you play I don't see an issue.

Most of us did game on a TV at one point.

Some of us even did "Pong" on a 12" B&W TV. Yes, I'm that old.
Hisense 120hz? Looking forward to an affordable 120hz 8k 43" in a year or 2. Its top on the upgrade list after a gpu.
I just recently bought an LG 43UN700-B 43 Inch UHD (3840 X 2160) IPS Display with USB Type-C, 4 HDMI Inputs and HDR10
to replace my 27 inch 4k monitor.

It sits about 2 to 3 feet from my face (depending how much a game angers me).
Yeah it's only 60Hz but I'm fine with that. I paid $679.99​ CAN for it and I can now see the difference in DLSS quality/performance settings.