Multimedia Center 7.0 and Video In 7.0 Why Ati you are doing this to us??


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With vivo64 oem every future of my past aiw128 32mb is going.. :(
Why Ati doing this to us???
Well the problems is :
1) I cannot capture in 720 x 576 in Avi
2) The quality of the picture is like S..t!
3) In the mpeg capture in high resolutions 720x576 i am geting MANY MANY dropped frames (with aiw 128 and my past p3 667 with full quality in ligos settings on mmc6.1 and 6.2 was have no droped frames and excelent quality)
4) I have try the old mmc 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2 but the application is looking for the tuner and its not working...
5) There is no filter in the drivers for composite in like the aiw128 32mb.

Well...the chip is the same with the aiw128 32mb (Rage Theater) so why this excelent futures is disabled in the mmc 7.0 for vivo 64 radeon?
Did ne1 have a solution with this ??
Anyway i found the solution for enabling the SPDIF out for my SBlive!...just install the Ravisent cinemaster 2000 and vuala because of the engine (older but not mutch older) the SPDIF out is working !!

A message to Ati :
ATI please wake up and give us a Multimedia center with all the futures enabled even the VCD capture that is not incuding in no one mmc version. I know mmc is ligos based so is very easy to do this in mmc application...