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I've been running my 3x 1280x1024 monitor setup for quite some time now. I've thought about going to 3x 1600x1200 screen. That's about impossible unless I go used though. I despise widescreen for general computing. I was just thinking I could get a single ultra wide monitor if there is software that could make Windows think there is 3 screens. With my 3 monitor setup, the resolution is 3840x1024. Of course I won't find a single monitor with that resolution. I did find a 3440x1440 monitor though. That would probably work.

So this is what I came up with.

Use this software

With this monitor
Or this monitor

Any other thoughts? Should that software do what I want it to do? Is there some better software? A 3440x1440 resolution screen is the lowest I'd want since it is close to what my current setup is.
If you running Windows 10, it's ability to handle lots of windows more easily is really kind of impressive (Think Window's Aero Snap combined with OSX's Expose'. Only with Aero snap being considerably more intelligent). Not to mention, virtual desktop support being built in.
I know nothing about OSX. I stay away from Apple, lol. I am using 7 and plan on doing so for at least a few more years.

So with two you can make one monitor act like 2? Let's say I have two browser windows open while comparing products. If I want to make it full screen, I click and drag the window to the top, bottom or side and it expands. AFAIK, the only way to have two windows taking up the space on a single widescreen monitor requires you to manually adjust them. I assume what you're talking about in 10 fixes that problem?
Use the windows key+left & right arrow keys to make a window take up half the screen either side. It would drastically cut down on the time :up:. Might want to do a quick googling of the Aero Snap feature :up:

(you can also grab a window and slam it to one side of the screen or the other to get the same effect).