Msi k7t turbo...bios issues


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HI!! :(
Does anyone know how to update the bios on this mobo!!!I am using Awardflash and i only getting error messages like this:The program file's BIOS lock string does not match with your system then i tried the /nbl parameter...then the F****r says source file not found.....PLEASE help ...anyone....

My specs:
msi k7t turbo kt133a
t-bird 1200 266fsb
128mb apacer pc133
Radeon 64mb ddr vivo oem
ibm 30.7 7200rpm ata 100
seagate 6.0 5400rpm ata 33
vortex2 soundcard
sony crx seies 8x4x32
logitech cordless keyboard & mouse