MS Visual C++ 6


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Where can I find some good tutorials that teach me how to create a simple w32 window on so forth using MS Visual C++ 6.

Im reasonably experienced in "pure" c++ code but have no idea how to create w32 programs.
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I hate C, visual C, C++ and so on. I love Visual Basic though, becuase you can get what you want done in 5 minutes, compared to days in MSVC.

Last tuesday my boss told me that a decision had been made from above, deciding that all new programs will be in C. :(

My next project is a new GUI interface for a machine that uses a VT text based terminal. Simple in VB, but in MSVC, I don't even know where to start, nor how much longer it's going to take. It's got around 200 pages to be created, and messed around with.

Oh, and it's for Windows CE 3/.net! :eek:

I'm just off to drown myself...

(only kidding :) well maybe).

If you do anything of a technical engineering manner, goto, and download there tools that have source. THe Tvichw32 package as loads of different example programs with source, loads of controls on the page etc.

I've got loads of books, and to be honest, there not worth a crap.

Best bets to to follow online tuts, and hack up other peoples programs.

Download all the source you can for simple apps, and just mess with them.
Also if you can get your hands on the MSDN CDs they are just full of Help files and tutorials, updated each month, straight from the devils mouth.