MS Store app acting screwy


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Sometime in the last few days, the store app on my main PC (Win10 1909) has started acting kinda weird.

I use a local account for Windows, but I do sign in to the store app with my MS account (and auto-downloads are disabled so nothing gets installed without me knowing it). When I went to manually check for app updates on Wednesday, I noticed that the Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass tabs were gone from the navigation pane on the left. They're completely useless on the PC anyway, but the fact that they were suddenly missing made me realize something was up.

If I click on the All owned or Ready to install tabs (or click on the My Library link under the menu), I see droves of apps that do not belong to me. The account that is signed in is still mine, and viewing the account details sends me to the MS webpage and verifies that it really is my account.

I've tried signing out of the store app and signing back in, along with resetting it inside the Settings app and running wsreset.exe to clear out the cache. So far nothing is fixing it, and it's really starting to creep me out.

Is anybody else seeing anything like this? My MS account doesn't appear to have been compromised-- 2FA has been turned on for ages-- and the same account signed into my XB1 isn't showing any weird behavior there. The Xbox beta app can't seem to make up its mind as to when my Game Pass Ultimate sub is set to renew (the date keeps changing when viewed in the app settings, and none of them are anywhere near the actual date), but it seems to work fine otherwise. Defender and MBAM scans turn up clean as well.

I'm hoping that it's just MS being stupid and that it will correct itself soon(ish), but I'm not about to hold my breath... especially when search results aren't turning up any recent complaints from other users.

Any ideas, apart from waiting to see if it does somehow fix itself?

EDIT: Wow... nearly 1,300 views and not a single response. This part of the forum is beyond dead. Anywho, the problem finally fixed itself, but it took me installing the April 2020 cumulative update to finally get it sorted. :bleh:
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