Movie Procurement Behaviors

Movie Procurement Behaviors

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Movies I really like I can watch several times, so I like to own.
Wifey is a one-time-watcher, so she doesn't care.
I used to down pump movies from torrents and store them. But then I grew up and stopped indulging in warez.

But since I did that I no longer own movies. Most of the stuff I want to watch is on Netflix, Prime or some other service.

Some of the stuff I watch on grey sites especially movies from cinema now show up after a month unlike in the past where it used to be 6 months.

So yeah, no point owning movies. All together I already watch tons of garbage movies. For the ones I want to rewatch there is already something available. I have thought about owning classics on BD for a few times but gave up as I don’t have space to keep them.
Yeah I use paid streaming services. Granted some older stuff won't always be available for whatever streamer that I'm paying for the month but eventually I'll cycle around back to it. I rarely re-watch things and as far as quality goes I'm still on a 1080p TV so a high bitrate BD is sorta moot.
We subscribe to several streaming services: Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, HBO Max. Also collect a fair number of blurays, when I can get them on a good deal.

I bought a few 4k blurays, and I've been pretty disappointed overall. I have to fiddle with the settings on my projector to get them to look right. It seems like the format was just not thought out well... they needed stronger standards for HDR content. Honestly HDR is a mess, but I think the streaming services do alot of heavy lifting to manage it. So yeah, for HDR content I think it's just better to stick with streaming.
I have probably ~500 movies that i bought from iTunes/Vudu over the years. I do have access to Disney, Max, etc but I rarely use it.
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I mostly stream and only buy copies of movies I really love/like. Especially if they are visually impressive, or have great audio, then I want the best copy I can possibly get.

I own very few Blu-Rays because of that. But what I do have, are a visual treat imho.
- Fifth Element
- Your Name (This is an absolutely stunningly pretty anime and the story is killer. If you have not seen this movie, you should. Just thinking about it stirs some emotion lol)
- Spider-man: Into the spider verse
- Mad Max: Fury Road

And then if streaming fails me or the movie is very hard to get ahold of... *eye patch*
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