Mouse Control Doesnt Work Properly!


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Hi this is an odd thing i noticed. Whenewer I use the mouse pointer controls on the remote for a couple of minutes the cursor goes crazzy and just goes into the last directon I presed for a minute or two. After that there is a 5-10second lag from when i pressa command to the time it actually gets transtalted into action.

Can anyone confirm this !
If do it seems that the mouse pointer routine in remote wonder software has a bug that NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED!

Damn Ati cant they beta test even a app like this I mean I understand that MMC is very complex nut good damn its a preiferial device here and its not a VR interface!
Opps might have gone to far there lets just say Im in rage coz i fugerd out today that the 1942 demo on my old AIW has display anomalies under XP and chrases under Win98 under the beautiful catalyst drivers 2.2 adn now this!

this aint my day at all!
It's a weird problem, and first time I've read about this....
You know, you can have such a problem even though it's not a bug from ATI. Coz I use the mouse remote, my brother too, and no problem. But I' don't say that it's not a bug, just report it to ATI through their website.... maybe it will help.

It seems that more and more people have problems with latest release 1.2 (and above all no access to RW soft, or plugins !!).

Just to repeat again (not for you corben9). To install properly the Remote Wonder :
1. verify that all is right with your USB configuration (USB 1.0 and 2.0)
2. don't plug the remote receiver, but install drivers 1.1, and just after drivers 1.2, then reboot
3. plug the receiver, and Windows should recognize the remote wonder.

Don't forget to install drivers BEFORE plugging the receiver into the USB port !!