Moto G Power Better Deal Than A51?


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Need to get oldest son an unlocked GSM/CDMA phone, goal is a decent phone with a 12-18month lifespan for as cheap as possible.

I had decided on a Samsung a51, the best prices I am finding are around $325. However, the Moto G Power at Amason caught my eye a few minutes ago at $180. That's quite the sizeable difference there. I know the Sammy has a much better screen, and I'm still pissed at Motorola for giving me the shaft years ago on its Atrix updates, but....

anyone care to tell me whether to snag the Moto here in the next 10 hours or so?

(and does it really matter anymore about CDMA, isn't Verizon dumping it? We have ATT but son may want to move his phone to Verizon)

EDIT: Toss the TCL 10L into the mix at $175, they certainly deliver the band for the buck with their TVs...
Ordered the Moto G Power.

If it sucks, I am holding all of you personally responsible.

I have a Moto G5 Plus (I can't believe I've had it for over 3 years) and I'm still happy with it even though it is quite old by this point. Hopefully they've stuck with the same design philosophy of using the standard Google apps and none of that bloat that other companies heap on you. Battery life also continues to be excellent. I have no complaints and will likely end up getting another Moto phone in the future as the price/performance is pretty decent if you're not looking for a top-tier, high-end phone.
The camera is the biggest hit against the Samsung Galaxy. I have an older Motorola phone. It's awesome on battery life but takes the worst pictures and video of just about any phone out there. I don't personally use it that much for that so it doesn't matter to me.
Sorry, that should read when comparing against the Samsung.

Hopefully these newer models have improved, but you are absolutely right as far as my old Moto goes. Compared to my wife's Pixel 3a, there is no comparison. Low light is by far the worse, but in general, the pictures are just good enough. Not something you'd want to capture family memories with (but it does work well enough to say... snap a shot of all of the plugs on the back of your PC before you disconnect them to blow the dust out of the thing, like I did today ;)).

However, if you want to quickly fire up the camera to take a pic of something immediate... there's a good chance that whatever you want to shoot at has already moved on by the time the camera app finally loads :p