Morrowind game won't start


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Loaded new Cata;yst driver and Morrowind gets as far as the load new game, saved game etc. screen and then goes back to the desktop. Anyone have any ideas. Ran fine with the 6071 drivers. Using the Rage3DTweak 3.2 and nothing else has changed. Retail Radeon 8500LE 64meg card. Any help appreciated. Dungeon Siege etc. works fine.
I have a very similar problem, but only when i try to load a save game (or save a game) a pop-up windows appears, the bad thing it´s that i can´t read what it says because it appears in the back of the Load or Save mini-window, and when the beep sounds (error message) the game freezes and it doesn´t respond to "clicks".

Any idea?