Monitor powers down after win load screen


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This started happening after I did a format and a fresh xp install on a friends relic m/c. According to device manager, it has a rage 128 pro card but the ati drivers for it says it's incompatible with the card and won't install
I remember the same problem having occured before too but back then uninstalling the device from device manager(in safe mode) seemed to have solved it but doing the same now loads windows in normal mode once but the problem comes back again on a restart :confused:
If it works in Safe mode, that is because safe mode does not use drivers, it's running the card in VGA mode. 640x480 at 60HZ. The monitor may be going to sleep or power save mode, because the display adapter is not outputting the correct refresh rate.

Windows Xp by default uses 800x600 resolution, it uses a proprietary enhanced VGA driver to accomplish this, which may not be compatible with the card.

You need to download the latest driver from ATI's site. just look at drivers for Rage 128 pro. Remember that it must be XP drivers not Windows 9x.

then you can install those drivers in safe mode, or in VGA mode.

But the best thing he can do is upgrade video card.
DL the latest Rage128 drivers from ATI and then attempt to install them in safe mode. You may have to do it manually.