Mobility Radeon - arent there any new drivers at all?


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Hey out there!

Could anybody please tell me why there is no new drivers for Mobility Radeon anywhere at all?

Oh, and now that I have your attention, anything I can do so that GTA 3 will run better on My 1.4 Ghx Thunderbird and (Normal) Radeon 64 MB DDR... (OEM - 165/165 mhz)
I even switched to Win98 just to better frame rates... and it helped...! But Im not quite satisfied... :D

Any ides?


You will have to ecscuse (thats very poorly spelled... soz...) me for being a bit sceptic, but I dunno anything about those drivers...?? Whats the difference between them and ATI's? Who's making them? How do they perform? Are they sort of debugging drivers, only to be used if a problem occurs, or what?

Sorry if these are stupid questions... :(
Okay then... :-)

Okay then... :-)


I just tried them out, and they seem to be working pretty good...!
Theres a bit of distance problems in SoF 2, but GTA 3 is noticeabilly faster...

I also tried the artefact tester, and the overclocker, and I got V E R Y surprised!

Since this is a Notebook, I cant custom cool the card, but it is stable at 193.50/193.50 ...!!!!! (Overclocked with the Radeon Overclocking Utility)

Its default is 141/141!!!!!!!!

D A M N...!!!

Im gonna try with Powerstrip as well...