MMC 8.9 wants to load TVTV vs Guideplus


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When I press the TV Listing Button the TV control prompts to load TVTV vs Guideplus. I have reloaded Guideplus and it did not fix the problem. I want Guideplus because TVTV is for Europe. I am sure it is registery issue. I would appreciate some assistance in getting it fixed.

FYI for those who want to use Dual Monitor here are the settings for the TV to work.
I run a dual monitors with ATI 8500DV AGP and a Vision Tek 9200SE (ATI Powered) 128mb PCI display card with Catalyst 4.2, MMC 8.9. This setup works good except hardware aceleration is one step above None.

Thanks for your assistance in getting this fixed. :)

Did anyone ever provide you with a method of getting back to GUIDE PLUS+? I am having the same problem after loading Multimedia Center 8.9.
can we use something like TV GUIDE here in the US?? or do you need to have direct TV for that feature to work?? i figured since if you tap LEFT or RIGHT its scrolling through times like its gonna show you whats gonna come on next?? or in a few hours?? anyone??
MMC 8.9 wants to load TVTV vs Guideplus

No I have not gotten a response from ATI on anyone on how to fix it. I have completely purged all of the ATI functionality. Still has not fixed. Some how MMC 8.9 thinks I live in Europe vs the US.

I still have Guideplus on my quickstart menu. It is much more convenient to have it integrated.
I found a solution, but I am not sure it is repeatable. I think the key step I use was to go to control panel, Add or Remove Programs, ATI Media Center and Modify (don't remove or repair).

If this doesn't work, remove all ATI software (Drivers, Control Panel, Media Center, Remote, etc) and then follow the steps above.
I deleted all references to "tvtv" in the registry, then removed the file "atitvtv.exe" from the "ATI Multimedia/TV" file. Now, I've got Glidestar back.