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I just recently formatted my PC and upgraded from Win2K SP3 to SP4. I have an All-in-Wonder 128 Pro, running with the 3279 drivers, and the latest WDM from the catalyst drivers (v6.14.10.6227.) I also have installed DirectX 9.0b with the TV Tuner fix.

Installing MMC goes fine. But when I try to start the TV app, I get an application error: "instruction at XXXX referenced memory at 0x0000 .... the memory could not be written"

Before I formatted, I installed and it ran fine. The only difference I can think of is either SP4 for Win2K, or DirectX. Before formatting, I ran DirectX 9.0a. I also suspected the TV Tuner fix, but even if I uninstall it, I don't see any change.

Any ideas?
Try MMC 7.6 First (See Below)

Try MMC 7.6 First (See Below)

Good Day,

I had a lot of trouble going directly to 7.7.01 (I would try this)

My primary card is a All-in-Wonder 128 Pro with 16MB and is AGP.

The cleanUp document that I use was written by Shasha and is located here. Please follow every step exactly (This document has saved me many hours of pain)

DirectX version that I use is 8.2 but if you already have DirectX 9 installed I would just leave it alone.

I would NOT recommend using Microsoft update to update the display drivers. Just so you know I reinstalled my computer at home many times before I got it just how I wanted it. Now I leave it alone because it works. But it did take some time to make me happy.

I also do NOT recommend using the Beta drivers that are out for this card. Been there and they do not work as the ATI official drivers.

Now here is the part that took a long time to figure out. I got this off of Rage 3D, but I say this with a caviat. I now recommend to most folks that if you have this card you stay on MMC 7.6 but if you are hard core and want 7.7.01 there is a way to do it but for most folks I just don't think it is worth it.

Anyway, here is the info. If you want to go all the way up to 7.7.01 you must do one additional thing after everything is working above. (Again, it took me a long time to get this to work and you may just want to stay at 7.6).

First, test everything including DVD and make sure all the different parts of MMC 7.6 work before moving forward.

Install this and only this, do NOT install the control panel or any Cat drivers. Reboot and let your computer find new hardware. (It should do this automatically) Once this is complete.

Install MMC 7.7.01 from here.

Now you should be at MMC 7.7.01 and everything should work. Remember, I have a slightly newer card then you and this may not work. I still recommend to you to stay at MMC 7.6 since there is almost not difference in functionality.

I hope this helps get you up and running.
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Thanks for the detailed reply.

Your post reminded me that I had previously had problems with installing 7.7 directly. The reason it worked before I formatted was simply because I had once installed a copy of 7.6.

Anyway, I decided to try installing MMC 7.6, and it seems to work well enough, so I will stick with it for now.
I'm trying to migrate from W98 to XP. It's not a migration but an installation from clean partition on the same machine.
On Win98 I was able to make MMC working on my AIW 128 Pro, so capture directly in a DVD format.
Following the information on this forum, i managed to install MMC or 8.7 on XP, but both version refuse to start (TV crash or locked on the splash screen).
Latest version working is 7.6.
I tried every thinkable (for me) combination of WDM driver, directx or MMC without result.
Any idea on how to get at least ?

Thank in advance