Microsoft Surface Duo phone


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For a slab, this looks like it will be the best productivity work horse out there. Especially if you use MS programs, which most companies do.

It's pretty thin though, I question battery life. And $1400 isn't cheap.

having own a surface pro 4, if that's any indication to microsoft build quality, I'd worry.

What problems have you had? We've had an OG (still going), a 2 (sold), a 3 (sold), two 4's (one sold, one still going), and a 6, and haven't had any issues. The OG Surface Pro I have is now the computer that runs my CNC.
Last year specs at this year’s price seems like a winning formula. :bleh:
There's more to the device than just the specs. The build quality stands out. People that had a hand on are impressed by the build quality. :bleh: Some Bestbuy has a demo kiosk setup today. Go check it out if you're in the US.:bleh:
I don’t need to fly to US especially for a product I don’t care about.