Media Server Recommendations


New member three new tablets in the house, all of which I'd like to have access to PART of my collection of dvd rips and TV show downloads. I bolded "part" b/c there's a lot more of which I don't want the tablets to have access.

Right now I've got Plex on the tablets and the only folder being shared by the server is "Kids Movies" (imagine that), and using a network share app and and old wdtv for watching other stuff. However, I'd like to have a media server that that will let me assign different folder access to different users.

PlexPass says it offers something like that...anyone have any experience? Probaly going to give it a try at $4.99 a month to see.. if it's worth either a yearly or lifetime sub....

Thoughts/comments/flames appreciated./..
After using the free version for quite some time, I bought a PlexPass for $70 before they raised the rates. For the price they now charge, I'd definitely try before you buy (or at least pay one month only) to make sure it does what you need, how you need.

Transcoding, even light repackaging, requires some heft to the processor. I just upgraded by server from an E8200 Core2Duo to Q9550 Core2Quad to make sure I can transcode 2 movies at the same time to 2 different Rokus - I could easily do 1 HD stream. I store all my movies in .mkv format and run Plex on a WindowsServer2012R2 set up that's currently just a file server - no Active Directory and all that stuff as that's still beyond me.

I'm "all in" on Plex and have been for a couple years. I tried several others and this is the best and keeps getting better. I've certainly gotten my money's worth to date.

The latest version is getting better at setting up different user accounts and you can tag media for sharing and then only share the media with certain tags, etc.
Check out media browser. They have a client for just about everything now, and you can create different users with restricted access as well. I've used for about two years now, and I absolutely love it!
Thanks for the input. I had tried Plex a year or so ago, and I decided I was much happier using the "network share" approach and psmediaserver when I had to send something to the ps. I am huge "less is more" fan of interfaces.

Got the plex app for free on everybody's tablet, though, and am in need of limiting what different ones have access to. I hadn't heard of media browser before, will give it a look-see and give plex pass a month trial and go from there :up:
plexpass for your server and then free plex accounts for the others share the server to those accounts when you do the share you will be able to select what sections you want to give them access to. I share with about 20 people now and have had zero problems other than my upload speed cant always handle the workload. I use a FreeNAS box running Raid Z2 (Raid 6) right now. Need to upgrade in the next 6 months will add another set of drives and double the systems ram.