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Finally getting around to piecing together my first home theater system and want to consolidate all the remotes I'm collecting. For lack of a better term, I'm looking for a Media Controller or remote that will basically work with everything I have and am planning to add to the system. Devices such as my receiver, TV, PS4, 4k player, etc.

Current devices are a Sony X900 TV, Denon X2400H receiver, and a PS4 Pro. I plan to add a Sony X700 4k player as soon as I find a great deal on one.

I'd like a remote that can control everything, or one of the tablet type controllers I've seen. A tablet type controller that also has some WiFi control could be neat as well, though I'm sure they get expensive. For example, letting me dim or turn off lights if I went to WiFi lighting in that room. Open to options and thoughts from those with experience.

What are you guys using or what do you suggest?
Logitech has several devices in this space:

I used to have one of the older Logitech remotes but they had stopped updating their software which didn't run on newer OS's (you couldn't even install it in compatibility mode). I'm not sure how they are currently doing with their support these day, but they have several options. I've been eyeing their "Hub" for a while.
I used a cheaper Harmony remote in the past and was not a fan. I've looked over their newer remotes and couldn't decide if I wanted to try one again. The one I own doesn't have a fancy color screen and all that, it's a fairly basic unit. Maybe some of the higher end ones have a better interface. Mine is irritating to use. Thanks!

Edit: The hub does look interesting, as well as some of their newest remotes with the color touch screens.
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The one I had was their 1000:

so it was one of the more pricier remotes at the time. Their software support for their programming software was terrible, and they only released a handful of updates before everything stopped. I don't even own a PC any more that can run the software which is why I've been hesitant on looking at them.

Unfortunately, when I looked a few months back, there wasn't much on the market in this space other than Logitech.
Bummer. Yeah, I'm hesitant on going with another one because of how much I dislike the one I already have. Granted, it's a very cheap model I purchased a VERY long time ago. I'm sure they are better than THAT. Not in a huge rush, of course...I can just multiple remotes. :bleh:

I'll take some time and see what else is out there before jumping into another Harmony.
Yeah I have a harmony 900 with blaster.. excellent and reliable once set up.

A living nightmare to upgrade from my old harmony 785 , configure and update...."luckily" Logitech are very quick to cut software support for their remotes so you won't have to do that much. I am pretty sure it mechanism to push their latest krap.

As much as I hate the required online account crap, the fact you can select new devices that are already preconfigured almost makes up for the nightmarishly clumsy way you have to configure activities.

The 900's remote software was last updated years ago, but it seems the latest "myharmony" software seems to been around for a while so maybe they have improved.

Like it when it works... but I am going to check every other alternative learning/configurable remote before returning to logitech