MechWarrior 4 and Radeon 32 DDR


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Does anybody have problems with MechWarrior 4 using Radeon 32 DDR card with 7075 driver version?

There is a 1.5 patch in MechWarrior. The MAIN problem is that after 5 minutes or longer, the game would lock up and/or reboot the computer. Minor problem is that before the game begins, there are flickering at the top and bottom of the movie. I believe that driver 7075 should fix this but it didn't.

I'm using W98SE with current updates, etc. The computer has been rebuilt and so far, have no problems with other applications. Links 2001, GPL, N4, all seem to be working okay.

If there is another driver version I can try, please let me know which one.

SBlive with current drivers.
800MHZ EB with 256Meg RAM

Device Manager setup appears to be okay.

Any other questions, let me know. I'm anxious to get this MechWarrior 4 to work since I think it's a good game. Please help me troubleshoot these issues in MechWarrior.

Regards, Eric
MW4 is said by some to run well on their Radeons, but for sure it runs awful on mine. 30 fps max, 10 in firefights. Unplayable. I'm sure it's because of bad programming and there's absolutley no support by the dev team. They promised patches, but the ones so far only made things worse. If it doesn't run on your system, I suggest dumping it. The concept may be good, but the game itself is unplayable.
Mechwarrior 4

Mechwarrior 4

I play MW4 fine on my Radeon. The only problem is i beleive related to my SB Live. I get some crackling noise when playing. Otherwise, the game is great, runs smooth, and is good fun.

I'm using the 7093 drivers which fixed the opening sceen "flashing" problem. As I recall, the 7075 drivers did not fix that problem as they were supposed to (for me, anyways).

You may want to try the 7093 or higher driver set. Also, if you have a via chipset mother board, load the 4 in 1 4.31 drivers, especially if you have a Sound Blaster Live card.

I beleive that MW 4 requires directx 8 so get the most current direct x from microsoft. I beleive driect x 8.1 is out but is still beta.

I am only on the v 1.0 of the game. Just learned about the 1.5 patch. I dont know if that will make a difference.

Hope this helps...
I haven't had any prob with Mech 4 until patching it to 1.5 with in a minute or 2 it hard locks my sys.
But with out the patch running straight of the cd with directx 8.1 I have no problems and can run it at 1600x1200x32 with some stuttering but not to bad still very playable.
also i have the 7115 drivers installed.

I have a screenshot but I can't remember how to post them :(
I might have a couple solutions for you guys with Mech 4. @ of my buddies have this came as I do to and we all had the same problems with it. Flashing in the subtitles, major stuttering, and boots to win 98.

With the flashing, you can switch back to the old 3063 drivers(which I still say are the best over all, and very good for Mech4), or I have been running the 7093(I think, one of the 709?). This will solve the Flashing anyways....

Stuttering and bootouts have to do with that pesky VIA problem. Like I said 3 of us have this game, all have diffrent MoBo but all with the damn VIA chipset. After much frusterastion I decided to pullout the VIA AGP driver alone and left the rest in and it fixed the stuttering and boots to Win98. try just playing your game without the VIA AGP driver loaded and see how that works. Mine & my friends run silk smooth now...Hope this helps...
VIA driver

VIA driver

So to uninstall the via agp driver, I'm guessing that I have to use the via unistall proggy to uninstall the agp driver, and then I reboot. After that, windows should load the windows? agp driver? or does it use the ATi Gart?

I renamed my ATi gart a while ago to make sure that comp wouldnt use it. If someone could please clarify , pllleeeaaasseeee....

Thanks for yor help :)
I would recommend uninstalling it and just run it without the patch.
because as I said, as far as mine goes, if I patch to 1.5 then it will froze and stutter big time but with just the game with out the patch I can run it with everything turned up and at 1600x1200x32 and only have slight stuttering and no problems.
Do you have to upgrade the 4 in 1 drivers if you have a Via chipset, what do you mean? Does that mean I have to upgrade if I have a Via 686B for the southern chipset?
billyhansome said:
Do you have to upgrade the 4 in 1 drivers if you have a Via chipset, what do you mean? Does that mean I have to upgrade if I have a Via 686B for the southern chipset?

I assume you have the AMD760 chipset with the VIA south bridge

You don't need the VIA 4-1's if you have the AMD chipset
I found that with a Radeon 32 the game will crash to the desktop on some maps unless you set the MIP Level to Medium. Everything else can be on high and it runs fine, but if MIP level is set to high it will dump. It runs fine with MIP Level on High on a Radeon 64 though so it must be due to lack of texture memory or something. I don't know if that is at all related to any of your problems. I cannot get the game to patch to 1.5 at all, it just crashes and says that one of my files doesn't match.
Intel i815e Chipset

Intel i815e Chipset


Let me add that I have the Tyan 2060 motherboard that uses Intel i815e chipset. I will buy a new Radeon 64 DDR card and see if that solves the problems.
in many cases crackling sounds can be fixed by turning the software volume to ~50% and compensate with the speakers volume control knob

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