Max Video In Resolution?



Is 320x240 the max resolution for video in? I can change the screen size in the Video IN program but all this does is stretch the Video (its max is still 320x240)

I've tried videodub too and can't find a way to actually receive a higher resolution.
Are you speaking of the 64MB Radeon ViVo? I was under the impression that it supported upto 720x480 video capture. The MMC manuals on the Radeon 64MBViVo manuals page on ATI's website, goes into details about MPEG settings for capturing in resolutions upto 720x480.
The TV Wonder only supports upto 352x240.
You ought to post more info on your video card and software (the one you are using for video capture).
You may also want to look for an entry that says interlaced. (240 lines in the field containing odd TV lines interlaced with the next field containing the 240 even lines = 480 lines in a frame. There are (29.97fps) 30fps in most (all?) NTSC video footage).

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I am using the 64MB VIVO Radeon and the software that came with it.
I've also tried the VirtualDub freeware software with the same results. Anyone know how to switch on Interlace?
Just activate the video in, then go to setup, click on the DigitalVCR tab and click on Set Custom, then click on Create New, give your setting a name then click on next, from there you can set the video capture size and turn on the interlace. There are some more settings that pop up after that but I havn't messed with them yet.
A question for the fellows that are using virtualdub and the radeon: how did you get it to recognize the card? The only 3rd party app I got to recognize the Radeon VI was Ulead Video Studio. VirtualDub and AVI_IO can't find the card.
win98 (FE)