Massive Tesla Price Cuts + 7500 tax credit


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Now is a good time to buy a Tesla Model 3/Y. Prices slashed and the 7500 rebate suddenly makes all Model 3's and Y's far more affordable than just a month ago.

I browse the Tesla forums as well and it's amusing how many recent buyers are angry over the overnight price cuts. I personally say this was a correction long overdue, and will shake up the used Tesla market as well.
Now is a terrible time to buy a new Tesla.

Upcoming HW4, possible inclusion of HD radar, speculated Model 3 refresh, and current lack of USS (ultrasonic sensors used for parking) makes it a no go.

I'm not even going to mention Elon's bullshit.

Competition has not been good for Tesla. The only major advantage they have at the moment is charging infrastructure (this was the major selling point for me when I purchased one). Range and performance may be arguable, but other manufacturers are getting there.

As an aside, why do you find it amusing that recent buyers feel screwed/ripped off? It is very atypical for a manufacturer to have sweeping and immediate cuts to to the prices of their vehicles by as much as 20%. Even with a decent down payment this could leave people underwater due to values tanking. They basically could have just lit that money on fire and had the same result. It's not normal nor should it have been expected.

I am glad I dumped mine when I did. I got $8k over MSRP.
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still don't like that car (we have them at my job as daily drivers). Also there are more and more rivals on the market. Still will be interesting to see if that actually shifts their sales, i wouldn't bet on it though.
They're pretty much no different that other dealerships when it comes to shadiness. But, I do think a model 3 is a decent entry level EV but the pricing pressure is only downwards. What they needed was a Model S for a Model 3 price, because now you have competition that are bringing more to the the BMW i4 m50.

Me personally I want that electric Charger Hellcat due out next year. Will put the fastest EV's to shame at a much more affordable price point.
The rebate is government funded not Tesla. The price cuts just take us back to the original price before the gouging began. Model 3 is a great car. I love mine. Elon Musk is trying to write a book on how to lose billions of dollars by being an asshat. So, I would expect Tesla prices to keep dropping.