MacOS Catalina


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Catalina dropped on Tuesday. Any other Mac users install it? Seems to have caused a stir in the DJ community by removing iTunes and support for custom playlist XMLs that they usually create to share. Most other changes seem yawn-inducing and unnecessary.

Finder still sucks, but a quick update to MacPilot solves that.

Remember the days when an OS upgrade was exciting and introduced new, cool things? :bleh:
I'm following Ars Technica's advice and waiting for .1 or maybe .2 as iOS 13 rollout was less than stellar. Also won't be able to play Homeworld Remastered after the switch (not that I play that game much anymore). Which reminds me I still get nags about Steam not being 64bit (even though Activity Monitor says it is?) which means I might have to do some gymnastics to get that working again.

As for the features, well both my iMac and my iPad are too old for sidecar and that was the only real thing I was looking forward to.
How is Catalina working out? Apple released a second supplemental update today. Currently playing more Homeworld Remastered before taking the plunge!
I haven't encountered any issues with it. Then again, I don't use any 32-bit apps and I don't miss iTunes one bit (those were the main gripes AFAIK).
Well took the plunge today. Steam is having a sale and I wanted to upgrade to make sure it will know which games will or will not run. So the good news is the steam client ran fine despite the launcher being 32bit back when I checked. The bad news it said Torchlight 2 might not work (even has that circle with a slash icon besides it) and it did, so counting on Steam to get it right and not sell me a game that won't work just got dubious.

Other than having to ok notifications left and right for the first minute I had to switch to zsh so I don't have to put up with the nag. I haven't programmed in shell in forever so this is not a problem.