!Low GPU load/Bad FPS


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Hey everyone !

my problem is that i noticed first while played Age of Conan that my GPU load is low about 40-50% and my performance is not what should be theres a ton of post at AoC forums about how AoC not working as should with ATi cards.

i tried some Free to Play MMORPGs too like Runes of Magic and same issue like 30% gpu load or so and fps is around 30 which is really annoying,because my old 4 year old rig performed better in this game.

games like CoD4 runs between 80-100% gpu load and delivers steady 125 fps.
Same with EVE online 90-100% GPU load 100+ FPS

first what comes in my mind is driver issue or badly optimized game for ATi cards.

i read a lot people have this problem with World of Warcraft too.

i tested GPU load with gpu-z and CCC.

my rig:
Phenom x4 9950 @ 2.6 ghz
4gb ram @ 1066MHz
ATi 4870 512mb
500gb Hitachi HDD
Xilence 550W PSU

ill post DxDiag if needed.

is any known fix for this issue?
or any help is welcome and appreciated.
Thank you!

sorry for my bad grammar.
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