looking to buy my first DSLR


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my price range will top out at $800 and would like that to include at least one lens

i'm leaning towards the Nikon D5200 but keep looking at the 3200 and wondering if the price difference is worth it or if i should get the cheaper camera and have more money to spend on extra stuff for the camera
Both great little cameras, for starting up purposes it might be better to get the 3200 and grab some nicer lenses. BUT it depends if the current specs of the 3200 will be suitable for what you want to shoot.

Biggest notables for the 5200;
1080p 60fps vs 30fps
Higher cleaner ISO (but anything lower than 6400 is pretty damn close)
More focus points so it may lead to better AF.

Other than the focus points nothing ground breaking, but might be enough of a diff for some. Also, dont be shy on looking at other companies like Sony, Olympus, Pentax and obviously Canon... all offer solid platforms, just need to find the right one for you and your needs.

Advice; go play with the gear at a local store. Its amazing on how different these things can feel for some.
yep I bought my first camera based off of feel and controls... not on performance... I figured i'm going to be lugging this thing around I want it to be comfortable and suit my logic (coming from nikon film helped a little, but I've also shot canon for long time as well)

Sticking with Nikon or Canon will mean you will have the best support for accessories.... Fuji makes great stuff, but not dslr in that range.