Looking For An Awesome Projector For Gaming/Movies/TV


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Sup gays?

Looking for some info and recommendations on a great projector for Gaming/Movies/TV.

I am currently looking at the following projectors:

BenQ W1080ST 3D Ready Full HD DLP Projector
BenQ W7000 1080p Home Theatre DLP 3D Projector

The room its going in is a massive basement, open concept. Looking to either manufacture a wall mount from work or ceiling mount it. Devices attached are my PS4 and Shaw PVR. Screen size around 100" or more.

What I am looking for is a great image, colorful and full, sharp and precise. Great for Gaming/Movies/TV. A projector that is reliable. The W7000 reviews I've read is great for Movies/TV put no so great for gaming, where as the W1080ST is pretty good all around.

Can anyone comment on these or recommend something else? Looking to possibly purchase one tomorrow lol. Want to set it up during the Christmas break.
Thanx Gravy, this will come in Handy, now if Sony would only fix the HDMI signal issue on the PS4 all my problems would go away.
Probably, the issue I am getting is the fact that the PS4 will not allow me to choose the picture quality that my TV provides. I have a Sony Bravia KDL-60NX720 and I usually set my TV settings manually to match Sony's Vibrant Mode as well as Motion Flow etc etc. But the PS4 refuses to allow me to set anything but Game Standard or Game Original. The color quality is all washed out, blacks appear grey, there's no warmth to the color scheme. Using anything else including an XBOX One that my loser friend bought and it works just fine.

So in a nutshell the PS3 I still use produces a better picture quality, has DLNA and MP3 playback support. Where as my PS4 produces a crapy quality picture and I can no stream or listen to MP3's through my sound system.

I've tried another Sony TV as well tonight and 3 different HDMI cables and all have the exact same problem. Someone on the Sony boards told me its a Handshake issue and that Sony needs to remove HDCP in the next Firmware. I haven't heard anything though from a Sony rep.
Yikes.. I hope they get that **** ironed out.. I think I'm switching my future purchase to a PS4 for use with the projector..
Gaming with a projector is ****ing so awesome.. Going to put my paint up this weekend.. Balancing out the projector tomorrow..

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Hapatingjaky what are you using for your screen?

I finally got around to painting my gray screen.. definitely noticed much better blacks and overall contrast moving from a white background to the gray. (colors also seem to really pop)

There are many different paint formulas depending on how light controlled the room is, projector, etc.. I went with an off the shelf solution to fill my needs.. Sherwin Williams 6260 Unique Gray - rated N8.

Now I need to find a good velvet boarder..

I lucked out, my wall is already a satin finish making it great.

Got my Samsung BD-F5900 last night with the redmere cables, holy ****! Will post a pick tonight.