Looking for advice on an AV Shelf


New member
Hey all. I had new windows put in either side of my fireplace, and am in the process of getting my TV mounted on a Mantle Mount.

There is a space of about a foot underneath my windows on either side and I want to get a low level shelf, wood or glass or otherwise, to put my devices there that are going to be connected to the TV.

The devices are an XBox One X, an Nvidia Shield, and a little Samsung Breakout box for all the connections. I will be adding a Nintendo Switch soon to the collection.

I've looked around and the closest thing I have found is a floating shelf. I would prefer something a bit larger, maybe a couple feet wide by a foot deep. The shallower, the better due to only having about a foot to the window sill.

Thoughts? Recommendations? I keep seeing stuff but thus far, not really feeling it.

Cheers :)