Looking for a NON SMART TV to replace a RCA RTU4300


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I was using this TV for my computer monitor but it died suddenly yesterday.
Anyone have any ideas?

Do they even make non-smart TVs anymore? It seems like you could just use any TV, set the proper input and simply ignore the other features.
security reasons
I dont own a cellphone either, I dont need that garbage shoved down my throat

If you don't connect the TV to the internet, it can't do anything to you. Or just buy an actual computer monitor... they're all dumb as they assume the computer they're connected to is a better experience... they're right.
Koralis nailed it.

But what are you wanting to get out of a newer display? Because if it just broke and you need a replacement... RCA makes a newer model in the RT line, so no-smart functions and they appear to be on sale at London Drugs for the 50" model.

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