Looking for a multimedia card...help


Can anyone recommend a good PCI card that will allow me to record video and take still pics off video. The card has to have your normal RCA video in plugs (not S-video).

My work needs these to capture off a recorder and they don't want to spend alot of money (so no multimedia video cards). Any ideas for a good cheap solution?
You don't mention the type of recorder... If the video's already been digitized & recorded, then the cheapest solution is to just literally grab those files. This is extremely easy if it's a DVDR, there's a bunch of info online if it's TIVO, may be possible still with some cable company DVRs, and so on.

The 2nd cheapest is one of the USB devices like the Dazzle, especially if your employer has to pay for installation and support. These really do work in my experience, and the once or twice I tried an older model Dazzle (bundled with EMC9) captures were pretty much comparable to my 650 pci from a cable source.

Otherwise *cheapest* is defined by what's on sale... :D Seen a LOT of deals on Avermedia & Hauppage this year. Only gotchas I'm aware of ATM depends on software. If you use Vista's MC, you need an IR blaster / remote to cap with RCA / composite cables -- ATI doesn't have one AFAIK, so there's another roughly $30. ANd if you have to buy added software because whatever came with the hardware won't work for you, that's another added expense, not to mention the cost of finding & configuring it.