Looking for a good Sockets Library


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Hey guys. A good Sockets library. nothing too fancy just trying to setup a simple chat program. Let me know!
For windows I assume.

I hate to suggest it but what about using VB?

Back in school I used Delphi and it was incredibly simple to create a socket and use it. I assume VB has something like it.

Aside from that, I don't know as I haven't done much socket programming in windows.
Sockets in windows, for the most part, are standard BSD sockets. There are a few "set up" routines that windows has, but otherwise it's just the same as it would be on *nix.

I would learn standard BSD sockets, as well as the various winsock stuff.

Of course there are a few things on windows sockets that the BSD stuff doesn't have, and are quite useful IMO... But in most cases you can get away with out them (to keep things portable, if you so wish).
I ended up using PracticalSocket combined with a thread class I made up. Pretty easy but man, I shoot myself everytime I do a windows app in C++

I should probably learn this C# thing everybody keeps talkin about.

I started trying to use PThreads but I think VS2005 has a problem with everything that is nifty. Thusly, I ended up making a thread class that I inherited off of, it wrapped up windows threads. I thought I would find a nice little library outright but I guess nobody has much in the way of a straightforward sockets implementation.

Oh well, got my project done and I hope I get some extra credit for programming it in a in a window. Thx guys!
Well sockets is pretty much the same from system to system, so there isn't usually a need for a helper lib.