looking for a camera bag


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the bag i have is tiny... it barely fits my camera with the few things i have (35mm prime on the camera, kit lens, hood for the prime, some filters, the charger, a remote, a lenspen...) but i only got it because it was cheap and it serves the purpose of having some kind of bag to keep the camera in

if i get another lens or a flash i've run out of bag

i'm looking for something that will hold my d5200, 18-55 kit lens, 35mm prime, a 55-200mm (likely next lens), and maybe a flash along with the small items (filters, charger, etc)... something that can give me quick access to the camera would be nice
Another Vote for ThinkTank

I love my Airport Security V2, I wish they made a lighting bag.

I've also used their SpeedFreak(works great at weddings) and own a Hydrophobia. I would own the speedfreak/speedracer if I shot more weddings. but I hate shooting them so I push those to other photogs
I have the Think Tank 20 and it is a great bag. Holds my 70-200, flash x2, 24-70 and my 50mm all the same time. My only complaint is that i wish it was more wider (strap to strap) rather than being thicker in the middle... It just comes off as being too cumbersome at times. I also have a few smaller lowpro's slingshots, great stuff too.
Does that Lowepro have a water bottle holder or any other space for small items not camera related?

On one side it has an elastic mesh pocket that should easily carry a 20-24oz water bottle firmly. It might even fit a standard mountain bike size type water bottle. On the other side there is a nice zippered pouch for keys, cellphone, extra memory cards, pen slots, battery, etc.

I'm thinking this would be ideal for hiking - one person carries the pack and the other the camera with this since it has a little room for water and small stuff.