looking for 3D rage IIC PCI Driver for XP pro


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I have searched and been to the ATI website.
Can't seem to find updated or latest driver for this Old card.
ATI 3D Rage IIC PCI driver version 5.1.2493.0 installed now
Found a driver on driverguide but it was for Win 98 SE.

I am hoping a newer driver will improve the picture quality.at the moment it is slightly blurry and out of focus.Almost looks like the monitor needs a good degauss, but done that and no improvement.
The screen appears to be shaking very fast.The monitor is set at 85 htz.
Could be knackered monitor, but still troubleshooting.

Any Ideas

Unfortunately, you are out of luck on that one. ATI stopped supporting all their non-Radeon cards a long time ago. You will find no XP or 2000 driver at all.
Ok... this will take some doing but...

I found the following link (http://www.ati.com/products/faqs/windows2000faq.html) at ATI's website. According to this link (Q4), the Windows 2000 CD came with with RageIIc drivers. The Win2000 drivers I'm almost positive will work with WindowsXP, if you can find and extract them, or get someone who has win2k to do it for you.

I'll dig around a bit more, but this suggests that you should be able to get basic accelerated support running on that card.


Well, after a bit more digging, it looks like the RageIIc should be supported in XP.
See the following links:

Looks like you should be good to go. The listed version is slightly newer I think than the version you listed.