Lonovo Legion Go


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I just purchased the 2tb version a couple of days ago. Finally got the thing all updated and ready. Runs on W11 with an amd gpu. Looking forward to installing some pc game. I'll probably upgrade to 3tb with a micro sd card.
I got the 2TB version back on release day (10/31) from Micro Center. It's pretty slick and the screen is gorgeous. The Windows 11 interface is annoying, especially since I can't get Open-Shell working on it. I've tried a couple games so far and they've run great. Cocoon on Gamepass and Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Ubi Connect). One thing of note, at least for me, the controllers aren't that comfortable when attached and holding all that weight. They're serviceable though. An Xbox controller works well via bluetooth. The system still has some issues that could be addressed via updates. Typical growing pains. Lenovo seems to be listening though and they're working on what they can.

I've been following and getting info and updates via the Legion Go reddit (lots of junk posts though to sift through): https://www.reddit.com/r/LegionGo/

Latest update info: https://gaming.lenovo.com/us/connect/groups/legion-products/f/forum/5587/legion-go-update-11-10-23
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