Long-running Java processes never die


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We use Control-M (a scheduling program) to run various jobs on our servers. One in particular is a Java process that runs a SQL query on a Unix box. Most of the time everything's fine, but the huge ones that take longer than 45 minutes or so never return 0 and end up executing forever until we manually have to kill them.

Is there any way to update a long-running process without killing it to see if it's finished from either the Java or Unix side?
I don't believe it does any logging, but it runs fine and completes the reports. It's just that for the extremely large ones it doesn't stop even though the report is finished, no matter which database they're running off of. I didn't know if there's something that can be added to the java app that can have it check itself to see if it's finished.

I'll have my java guy look into that profiler, though, thanks.