Long live the Radeon x300


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Bless its heart.

My parents have a dog of a system, a 2004? era P4 Dell. I gave them a 17" flat emachines panel I had in the closet 3 or 4 years ago to replace their 15"crt when it died. Was down there a few weeks ago and could not believe how awful their screen looked.

Took an 23" Asus to them yesterday, but started thinking on the way the old Dell wasn't going to be able to drive a widescreen, I was guessing it had the 965g graphics or something. Well, what do-you-know? It actually had a discrete x300 video card that will run that monitor at 1200x800 :lol:

my mother called me this morning and thanks me again, apparently my dad hasn't been able to read that old screen for months
Nice find :lol: I was going to give away my 19" monitor, but that 965 graphics would eww. I would think the x300 can do a higher resolution, but I might be wrong.