Live player 5.1 &DTT2500?


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Can someone out there tell me how i would go about connecting up a live 5.1 to my Cambridge soundworks Dtt2500 speaker system so that i can hear true DD 5.1 sound when i play dvd's through my Radion64ddr dvd player. I'm not sure what cables come with the live 5.1 and how i go about connecting them.
Radion to dtt2500
live 5.1 to dtt2500
live 5.1 to Radion
or some other combination?
I haven't bought the live 5.1 card yet and was also wondering if i would be better off with the new sonic fury5.1 or another similar card.
cheers 4 now
First you got to make sure your DVD drive has a Digital Out (2-pin). You then go to Radio Shack or some computer store to get a digital MPC cable. You then plug one end into your DVD drive's digital out and the other end on your SB Live 5.1's SPDIF thingamajig. Hook your DTT2500 to your mini DIN on your SB via the y-splitter that came with your speakers. Fire up ATI's software DVD player and play around with the settings so that you want the source to be SPDIF-in and voila, an AC-3 passthrough. Sounds great on the DTT2500. I have one myself.