Limiting/removing supported resolutions higher than native?


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I have an ATI 3850. My big lcd is native at 1360x768. I can get the ATI to scale any resolution, but it scales it to 1920x1080, which is a high res the lcd itself is compatible with and will scale on its own back to 1360x768. Problem is, the LCD's scaler is not so good. I'd like to keep the ATI from allowing 1920x1080. I just installed the newest version of Tray Tools, because when I had an x800xt it would allow this DED or DDE limit/max or something, if I'm remembering correctly. I don't see anything like that available now, though. Any options?
I don't quite understand why you can't get the proper resolution using the CCC Desktop Properties button, 1360x768 is clearly listed. I set my 24" lcd to 1440x900 (bad eyes) and have no problem scaling to that res using CCC. Don't know about ATI Tools though, haven't used it in over a year. CCC improvements have made it unnecessary.
I have no problem setting the desktop to 1360x768, but as soon as I go into a game or flight sim with a different resolution than that it scales it to 1080p and sends that to the LCD. The LCD then scales it back down to 1360x768, making things far less sharp than if I just put the game or sim at 1024x768 and lived with the bars on the sides. I want CCC or Tray Tools to make 1360x768 the res it ever sends to the LCD in any situation.

I previously was able to do that with an x800xt, but since that one burned out I've been using the new one. At first Tray Tools wasn't available for the 3850, but I just installed it to try, seeing as there's compatibility now for my card. No-go for this res limiting, though. I distinctly remember being able with my Z800 HMD and the ATI x800xt and tray tools to limit the DED or DDE or something to 800x600 for use with VR. But I've got no options concerning such limiting with the new tray tools and the 3850, though it's clear this newer card with VIVO and everything else is capable of it.

It seems the compatible resolutions the LCD tells the card it can handle are done entirely automated with no ability to remove the ones that are just workable as scaled resolutions on the screen's end. The ATI has the ability to scale everything for me to the LCD's 1360x768 native regardless of what I'm doing, yet I can't seem to find a method of doing this. Your ATI can do that and even sims or games will scale to your screen's native no matter what?

Yes, I don't seem to see anything in Tray Tools (except maybe the framerate counter) that makes it worth installing anymore, considering this.
Reticuli: Can't help you much more in this thread. Try reposting in the Catalyst Drivers heading as this is not really a media center related problem. A couple of notes: Add what OS (XP, Vista, 7) you're using, what connection type you have (HDMI, DVI, RGB), and the games you play. Also there's an interesting thread there from a guy who hates CCC. Starts in 2007 but moves to today after a few posts.

Good luck