Legal owner of Guide Plus+ for Windows


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I think the time has come for a better solution. If or when Rovi shuts us out for good and/or my AIW dies of old age, I don't want to be forced to change my TV viewing habits. I don't want to adapt to software changes. I want the software to adapt to my needs.

What if Guide Plus+ could get listings from a different source? What if it could be taught to use different TV cards? I don't think we can explore those possibilities without permission from the software copyright owner. But who is that?

Lets find out.

DA1745 has already asked Rovi about the ownership. I've just sent the following to ATI -- [email protected].

I'm trying to determine who is the legal owner of the Guide Plus+ for Windows, TV guide listing software which came with my All in Wonder card and seems to be part of ATI's discontinued Multimedia Center. I'd like to know if it's freeware, open source, abandonware or other.

I am interested in modifying the application to use alternate TV listing data sources and interact with different TV capture cards for non-commercial use.

I'd appreciate any relevant information you may have.