Latest & Greatest Drivers For AIW 9600xt/TV


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Hi All,

I was just wondering if theres any possible "newer" graphics driver or latest combination drivers, that would work in harmony with everything else in order to have TV and be able to use most of the latest software, play games,etc.

I only had luck with the original install disc, as far as TV,FM, etc. but I can't run many (if any) of the newer programs and latest games. If I install only the latest graphics driver along with the rest of my install disc, programs and games are fine but no TV! And yes Im aware of MMC hell,and Im sure this is old news..

But, is there any way to resurrect this antique card or giveup and bite the bullet and upgrade as soon as I can find some cash? Thanks to All.
Use the latest drivers, and give up with ATi's Multimedia center. Use another program to watch TV. BeyondTV, winamp Pro, Cyberlink PowerCinema, just to name a few.
I finally got Beyond TV to work!
At any rate, that was the way to go or I was going to use MMC, etc. on a dual boot drive.
Thanks Again!
Hi All,

If I install only the latest graphics driver along with the rest of my install disc, programs and games are fine but no TV!
What games are you running that a jump from say Catalyst 5.13 to 9.# would go from un-playable to playable ...that is unless it had a particular fix in the drivers for that game in between.
I've "benchmarked" the improvements between Catalyst 6.1 and the latest with a X800XT A-I-W and a 9800 Pro A-I-W and it was a couple hundred points which in benchmarking terms even for those cards isn't that great of a performance increase. Just curious what games you were finding that in.

B/c the cost of Beyond TV or Sage TV would buy you a brand new (Dual Tuner or you could spend less on a hybrid tuner or open box etc) AVerMedia, or Hauppauge card. It would be about 2/3rds of a HDHomerun box also a dual tuner but can be used from any PC in your house network (uber cool). (They each have decent tuning software). Even an ATI TV Wonder 650 combo (but as an owner of 3 I'd advise that one only if it's $50) as the CMC included software is POOR!.
(EDIT the TV Wonder Combo and most of the dual tuner cards are going to be PCI-E so that won't work for you system but those companies still make PCI Bus Tuner cards... and of course the HD Homerun doesn't have those same silly Bus issues. :D )

Just throwing some other options. You could then run your 9600 with the newest Catalyst drivers and get a more flexible TV tuning option for now & the future including HDTV (OTA or QAM*) * be careful and read which cards support it and under what circumstances. ((Something you cant' find Accurately by just shopping at newegg etc)) - Especially since the full functionality of some cards has changed over the last 1.5 years.

====I run catalyst 5.13 or Catalyst 6.2 and MMC 9.08 on my AIW systems and they run very well. I would like to own Beyond TV 4.9? but if I was in your place, I would at least investigate the new tuners if HDHomerun fit your budget it would be a nice setup. Depending on how old a version of Catalyst you were using you may still find your games playable coming from what was on the 9600's install disc to even the 2005-2006 Catalysts. I have an 9600XT AIW and it came with MMC 8.8 for sure and what if memory serves me I believe it was Catalyst 4.1 (first in 2004). I mean it is after all an older card so depends on whether you mean 2d or latest 3d graphics etc.
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