Keep getting logged out but only on IPhone 11


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Rage 3D keeps making me log in repeatedly but only on the IPhone. Any one know what the issue is? The galaxy is still logged in from months ago as well as the PC. On the iPhone, it will make me log in to type a post and then again to post it. If I click on a new thread, chances are pretty high I’ll be logged out again. Incognito mode is not on.
It's a random problem for everyone across all devices afaik. For myself, iphone, galaxy and win10 have all randomly logged me out.

My solution is to check 'remember me' every time I log in, if I've cleared history that is. Seems to work fine for some time now.
Use HTTPS. It will keep you logged in but YouTube linked videos won’t work and sometimes some gifs won’t load properly. But at least you will remain logged in.
Only happens to me on the iphone and just started recently. It Doesn't matter what browser I use. Most of the time it says thank you for logging in jimjobob but never actually logs me in. Posting this on a Samsung that I can't remember the last time I've had to log back in on.