Job Opportunity


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A friend of mine is looking for a programmer. PM me if any of you are interested. :)

I'm looking for a sysadmin/devops/programmer to develop and maintain an ecosystem on AWS using something like salt/chef/puppet. We're currently using rsyslog/logstash/kibana, salt, graphite/statsd, sentry, buildbot, redis, postgres, elasticsearch, nginx, and storm. Our system is strung together via SQS because I don't have the time to setup rabbitmq in ha. All of the scripting is in Python/salt right now, and the software you're supporting would be in a mix of Clojure, Python, and Coffeescript. You'd need to be able to learn quickly, not be afraid of joining mailing lists and irc channels, and be in the greater chicago area (relocation possible). We can pay well, have a great office culture, nice benefits, and our client list is most of the Fortune 50.